CAS Products Fact Sheet

CAS Products Help Speed the Pace of Scientific Discovery.

The Researcher's Standard

Through a suite of products, CAS offers instant access to its databases covering science, engineering, technology, patents, business information, and more. Designed to accommodate a wide range of information needs, these products have become an essential part of the research process conducted by scientists, academicians, and information professionals worldwide.

CAS products provide access to the world's most comprehensive and authoritative databases of publicly disclosed scientific information, including CAS REGISTRYSM and CAplusSM. CAS REGISTRY, the gold standard of chemical substance information, is comprised of scientific data from a variety of reputable sources, including patents, journals, chemical catalogs, and selected online resources dating from 1957 to the present, with additional substances dating back to the early 1900s. REGISTRY contains more than 67 million substances and 63 million sequences, and is updated daily with more than 15,000 new substances.

CAS' CAplus database contains the most current patent information from 63 patent authorities around the globe. Patent records meeting CAS selection criteria from nine of the major patent offices worldwide are available online in CAplus within two days of the patents' issuance, and are fully indexed by CAS scientists in less than 27 days from the date of issue.

By delivering these resources to a researcher's fingertips, CAS' flagship products and services—SciFinder®, the STN® family of products, and Science IP—greatly enhance search productivity and speed the pace of scientific discovery.


The award-winning SciFinder is the premier tool for scientific research. It offers access to more relevant journal articles and patent documents than any other source, as well to single- and multi-step reactions, experimental and predicted properties, and substance information from the CAS REGISTRY database. SciFinder was introduced in 1995 to provide scientists with easy, point-and-click access to chemical information. Today, scientists at major pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical companies around the world use SciFinder to explore research topics, browse scientific journals, and stay up-to-date on the latest scientific developments.

For instance, in the biofuels industry, keeping up-to-date on research and development topics can be overwhelming. SciFinder provides immediate access to bibliographic information, abstracts, full-text journal and patent articles, as well as the world's largest collection of substance and chemistry-related information. With these resources scientists can mine information on:

  • Developing energy crops for improved stress tolerance
  • Optimizing biological catalysts for pre-treating and hydrolyzing cellulose
  • Increasing enzyme specificities and activities
  • Commercializing processes that convert sugars to ethanol or other key building block chemicals

Delivered over the web, SciFinder's intuitive interface and collaboration tools also enable greater creativity and productivity in the research process and help to streamline the research process.


STN is an online database service that grants information and intellectual property (IP) professionals with access to research, journal literature, patents, and other data to inform critical business decisions. STN enables professionals to leverage CAS data to stay abreast of the competition, protect intellectual property, and analyze the research landscape. STN integrates CAS databases with information from other leading database producers worldwide, thanks to CAS' global network of research partnerships.

Information and IP professionals use STN to find business-critical data and information. STN provides access to a comprehensive array of science and technology information and advanced tools for search and analysis to:

  • Assess risk for future research endeavors
  • Defend intellectual property
  • Track competitive intelligence for existing products and those under development
  • Access patent expiration and extension information
  • Support strategic business planning

STN can be accessed using several interfaces: STN Express®, STN® on the WebSM, STN® Viewer, and STN® Easy.

STN® AnaVist

STN AnaVist offers sophisticated analysis and visualization software to help information and IP professionals answer complex questions and make faster and better business decisions. STN AnaVist can be used to:

  • Analyze the patent landscape to determine who, what, where, when, and why discoveries were patented
  • Track competitive intelligence
  • Discover new applications for existing technology
  • Determine research trends
  • Support strategic business planning
Science IP®

Science IP is the CAS search service, staffed by experienced researchers who provide high-quality information retrieval in many areas of science as well as comprehensive patent searches. The types of searches provided by Science IP include:

  • Chemical structure
  • Biosequence
  • Prior art
  • Patentability
  • Validity
  • Current awareness
  • Infringement